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All custom adult orthotics are hand-made to suit your particular foot problem and relieve foot pain. It takes 3 – 5 working days to produce a custom orthotic foot support.

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However, we have an express service that allows us to produce these insoles in 24 HOURS for emergency cases AT NO EXTRA COST!

4 degrees of pain

Benefits of custom made molded adult orthotic insoles

– Improved Mobility

– Relieves Back & Knee Tension

– Improved Posture

– Improved Sports Performance

How we create our Custom-made Orthotics and arch support insoles

It takes seven steps to produce a custom made molded adult orthotic insole.

Watch Anthony Andrews creating some custom made orthotics at our on-site London laboratory in our special footwear tour video.



A thorough bio-mechanical examination is carried out to assess the problem. This may include motion analysis, muscle strength testing and computer aided gait analysis



A measurement of your foot is taken so that we can get a cast of your foot



An impression of your foot is taken, so that an accurate mould can be made of your foot

Make Cast

Make Cast

Plaster is then poured into the impression of your foot to create a cast

Correct Cast

Correct Cast

Detailed modifications are made to the cast to ensure a proper fit

Hand Craft Orthotic

Hand Craft Orthotic

The orthotic is then hand crafted by skilled technicians to get the perfect fit

Fit Orthotic

Fit Orthotic

A fully custom made molded orthotic (foot support)

The difference between

The difference between

Pain and Pleasure

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Foot Orthotics and Insoles for Painful Feet and Joints

Foot orthotics are able to correct the biomechanical collapse of the foot structure and improve midfoot and hindfoot alignments. We take 8,000 to 10,000 steps every day. No wonder our feet hurt!

At Special Footwear & Orthotics, our aim is to reduce or eliminate your foot pains. We have been crafting foot orthotics and custom-made insoles for over 35 years, using both advanced and traditional materials to produce the most appropriate insole for your specific foot problem.

Orthotic inserts realign your joints

Many foot symptoms ranging from general aches to painful bone and foot problems such as bunions, callouses and hammer toes, are caused by collapsed and fallen arches. Foot orthotics help realign the joints within the foot in order to relieve the various symptoms.


These custom-made insoles may also be used as an alternative to surgery, or after surgery to help maintain proper alignment. The orthotics offer pain relief to anyone that suffers from foot and leg pain such as flat feet, heel pain, shin pain, leg pain and offer a better quality of life.

Our orthotics offer pain relief to anyone that suffers from foot and leg pain such as flat feet, heel pain, shin pain, leg pain and offer a better quality of life.

Orthotic inserts / insoles custom made in our London orthotic shop

All our orthotics are made in our London shop by qualified technicians. This enables us to provide you with a fast, three-day service. We also offer ready-made orthotics and a repair service for your insoles. Contact us now for more information on orthotics (orthopaedic inserts).

What Kinds Of Orthotic Insoles Are Available?

Various kinds of orthotics and insoles (orthopaedic inserts) are available depending upon the needs of your lifestyle and your feet. The most common type of orthotic is the rigid device made for everyday shoes. There are other types of insoles for high-heeled shoes and soft, more flexible specialised orthotics to support pressure areas.


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