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I suffer with bunions and hammer toes and arthritis in my feet. To look at my shoes you wouldn’t think so. I had three pairs of shoes, one pair of trainers and one pair of sandals, so far! I love them all. Best footwear, Best Service I’ve ever had.


Are you suffering with painful or problem feet?Problem feet? handmade shoes can help

Male and female soes

Thank you, Tony. I can walk again. Best service I’ve ever had

Ms R. Banks, Brookmans Park


I very much appreciate your wonderful home visit service.

Mr B. Wilkinson, London


I can’t thank you enough Mr Andrews. And the cost is very reasonable.

Mrs W. Wilkinson, London

With 56 years experience in shoemaking, we specialise in making the most beautiful and attractive footwear for MEN & WOMEN with foot problems, no matter how difficult your problems are.


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Made on our premises within 2/3 weeks

Custom made orthotics in 2/5 days

Measured in the comfort of your home

Elegant, bespoke footwear in any style: smart, casual, evening, trainer, golf shoe or slippers

Over 20,000 different colours & leathers

For Orthotics & Footwear

No obligations whatsoever.
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Visit our onsite workshop. Choose from our beautiful leathers.


Beautiful footwear to make you look and feel better.

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56 years experience in shoemaking

We specialise in making attractive orthopaedic footwear for people with foot problems no matter how difficult their problems are.

Tony with customer

More than 20,000 leathers and exotic skins

At Special Footwear And Orthotics we believe in using only the finest quality materials for custom made shoes to ensure that you receive not only a high standard of craftsmanship, but also shoes of great durability.

Wooden mould

I have been making bespoke and orthopaedic footwear almost all my life and it has taken years to get a great team together during that time I have learned what the customers want and how to deal with it to reach the best results.

Tony Andrews

Our Philosophy

Orthopaedic shoes don’t need to be unsightly. We make a range of stylish, fashionable designs for bespoke handmade shoes that you will be thrilled with, time and time again.We can create custom orthotics or adapt/raise your favourite shoes for differences in leg length.

If the footwear/orthotics are required urgently we can do this at no extra cost. Please also requests to see our wonderful shoemakers workshop where you will experience our method of making bespoke shoes and stunning orthopaedic footwear.

Step out of pain and into pleasure by giving us a call today. All of our shoes and orthotics are made on site in our basement workshop. Therefore we can give a very fast service.


Luxury Home Visits

We offer a home visit service anywhere in London, the UK and abroad. We assess, measure and supply orthopaedic made to measure footwear & orthotics in the comfort of your own home. Customers throughout the world are delighted with their handmade bespoke and orthopaedic footwear.

Gait Analysis

Using our computerised high-tech “RScan System” we are able to test your foot pressure when walking. We can provide accurate solutions to help alleviate your problems producing customised orthotics (foot supports) specifically designed for your feet.

24 Hours Express Service

We provide 24 hours express service for emergency cases AT NO EXTRA COST! We will be more than happy to discuss your individual needs, so please don’t hesitate to contact us now for more information on orthotic solutions.

Shoe Adaptations

We are able to adapt almost any kind of footwear to adjust for leg length discrepancy, and other leg and joint problems using lightweight materials, matching the colour as near as possible. Because our footwear and orthotics are made on the premises we are able to offer a very fast and personal footwear adaption service.

Leg Length Discrepancy Measurement

We offer measuring service for leg length discrepancy at our store. No Appointment needed. Our professional consultants will carry out an assessment and advice you on how to correct it.

Recovering and Restoration

Do your orthotics look tired and worn out? We offer a great value recovering service for your insoles, restoring them in less than 24hours. We are specialists in making arch support shoes, shoes for flat feet with arch support insoles, orthotics shoes and orthopedic inserts.

This is what we do best

We pride ourselves on making elegant footwear whatever the problem or shape of your feet.

If your current footwear is giving you pain, we can eliminate the pain with either custom made orthotics or custom made footwear or both. Our talented team will always make sure you will get a high quality pair of shoes

Make foot pain a thing of the past

With handmade leather shoes and orthopaedic foot supports, why suffer a minute longer?

Men's Bespoke Shoes

Men's Bespoke Shoes

Orthotic Restoration

Orthotic Restoration

Women's Bespoke Shoes

Women's Bespoke Shoes



Children's Orthotics

Children's Orthotics

Adult Orthotics

Adult Orthotics